Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Mitchell Trubisky will breakout in 2019

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears
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Trubisky’s commitment is impressive

Perhaps the single most important reason why Trubisky will flourish in 2019 is his total commitment to the team, his development, and the game of football.

Trubisky, to this point, has been the antithesis of Jay Cutler. Where Jay was aloof, seemed disinterested, and polarizing, Trubisky is engaged, committed and unifying.  In fact, he’s almost too obsessed with football according to his coach. His teammates and coaching staff love him — not just for his abilities on the football field, but for the intangibles he brings to the locker room.

The entire team has gelled in just the last two years — a far cry from the infighting that plagued previous teams under Marc Trestman and general malaise under John Fox.

Sometimes players spit out a list of cliches and sports metaphors because they know that’s what fans want to hear. With Trubisky, you can sense these comments are genuine and come from a kid who truly loves to play this game and loves the teammates he gets to play it with.

Fans should take comfort knowing that their quarterback eats, breathes, and sleeps the game of football, and everything he does from this day till opening day will be for the purpose of being the best quarterback he can be for this team and their fanbase.

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If Trubisky doesn’t break out in 2019, it will not be for a lack of effort. However, everything fans have come to learn about Mitch tells you that failure is not an option for him, and now they are getting a glimpse of some of the characteristics that Ryan Pace fell in love with before the 2017 draft. And when Mitch breaks out in 2019, the pundits who have doubted him will have no choice but to tuck tail and admit they were wrong.