Chicago Bulls: Building the blueprint to the perfect offseason

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Chicago Bulls, Kris Dunn
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2. Trade Kris Dunn and the 7th overall pick to the Phoenix Suns

In order to free up the point guard position completely, the Bulls would likely have to do two things.

The first of those things would be to deal Kris Dunn, who currently holds that position. Dunn seemed like the Bulls future point guard at one point but had a pretty poor 2018-19 season and all signs point to him heading out of Chicago in the coming weeks.

After Dunn is moved, the Bulls will likely also need to move out of their current draft spot. Just about everybody has the Bulls selecting North Carolina point guard Coby White (which would be an excellent move), but if the Bulls are a near guarantee to sign Patrick Beverley, then drafting White is redundant and the Bulls should do something with that pick.

Fortunately, the Bulls can knock out two birds with one stone here. The Phoenix Suns hold the #6 pick in the draft and have an even bigger need at the point guard position than the Bulls.

The Bulls could swap their draft pick with the Suns, thus moving up one slot, and send Dunn to Phoenix in order to make the move possible. That way the Bulls would no longer be tied to White at seven and would have a trade destination for Dunn.

To cap off the move, the Bulls would then select Texas Tech guard/forward Jarrett Culver with the sixth-overall pick. Culver likely would not start his rookie season but is a high-upside player with superstar potential. The Bulls would give Culver ample playing time and develop him for the 2020-21 season, where if all goes right, he would blossom into one of their top players.

A lot of things need to go the Bulls way in order for this all to happen, including the Suns accepting the trade and Culver being available at six. However, if this move becomes tangible on draft night, there is no way that the Bulls can turn down an opportunity to get multiple things down with one move.