Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky to honor ’85 team member this season?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears quarterback left the door open to honor one member of the 1985 Super Bowl champions.

What a weekend it was for the Chicago Bears as they celebrated their 100th season in style with nearly three days of festivities. The event, which kicked off Friday evening, celebrated the vaunted history of a historic team and one of the league’s charter franchises.

Part of that history includes the 1985 Super Bowl championship team that was as full of personalities as it was talent.

In fact, there are a lot of similarities between that team and the 2019 version, which is also extremely talented and full of character. Earlier this week, we even documented how it is starting to feel as though something special is brewing for the 2019 team much the same way it did for the 1985 team, following the disappointing end to their 1984 season.

Over the weekend, the quarterback of that 1985 team, Jim McMahon, attempted to create one additional similarity. During one of the Bears 100 celebration panel discussion, McMahon surprised Mitchell Trubisky with a pair of sunglasses and his signature headband, which Trubisky promptly put on for the rest of the interview.

In some ways, it was meant to be fun and provoke a good laugh. However, as corny as it seems, it almost felt like a symbolic passing of the torch, or at least McMahon’s way of saying “hey kid, it’s your turn now.”

In Chicago, the 1985 team is still revered to this day as much as they were the day they won the Super Bowl. No doubt, the Bears want to carve out their own legacy and bring home a championship to the city and its faithful fan base.

However, it appears Trubisky may pay homage to McMahon at some point in the 2019 season, perhaps to bring the whole thing full circle.

During an interview on the NFL Network’s Inside Minicamp Live, Andrew Siciliano, and Stacey Dales asked whether Mitch would wear the headband this season. Trubisky replied “at some point, I might need to pull it out so we’ll see. We’ll just play it by ear.” He added that the headband and sunglasses may come out when they need to get a little mojo going.

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Wouldn’t it be something if that moment came in Super Bowl LIV down in Miami, and it sparked a comeback victory for the Bears over the New England Patriots? Talk about honoring history while carving out your own legacy.