Chicago Bears: Kerrith Whyte Jr. is ready to make an impact

Chicago Bears (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /
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Interview Part II

DWC: Now that you’ve been through rookie mini-camp and OTAs, talk to me a little about how you think you fit into the offense?

KW: My college career, especially my last two years really prepped me very well for my time here so it’s very similar, just different plays and stuff like that. My adjustment has gone pretty smooth and I have been preparing for this moment and I’m just very thankful for the college coaches that helped me get here to this point.

DWC: What are some of your impressions of the offense thus far? I imagine it’s a fun offense to play in.

KW: Oh definitely. I believe it brings out the best in us as players. It’s a very versatile offense and isn’t just one dimensional.

DWC: Have you had a chance to connect with Mitchell Trubisky at all?

KW: Yeah we talked a couple of times here and there, but he’s a really cool guy. I can see why he’s the leader of the team and everyone is right behind him.

DWC: Can you talk to me at all about what you envision your role to be in the offense?

KW: Man I’m down for anything. Anyway I can help the team win in any possible way that’s what I’m going to do. Whatever they need, I’ll do it — whatever it takes.

DWC: I know you mentioned walking into the locker room, but has there been another moment where it’s hit you that you’re playing for the Chicago Bears this season?

KW: I would say every morning when I step into that facility. I’m just like ‘wow.’ I’m just so appreciative to be here, to have this opportunity and to play with the best of the best. Every morning I step into the facility I have that opportunity for reflection.

DWC: So what’s next for you?

KW: Just getting ready for training camp, and when I go back home get my body ready and train to get myself ready to give 100 percent in training camp.

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DWC: Alright Kerrith, man I want to thank you so much for taking some time to chat with us. I know you’re incredibly busy so I really appreciate it. Again, we’re so glad to have you in Chicago and wish you the best of luck this season and we’re looking forward to watching you on Sundays.

KW: Thank you, man, I appreciate that for real.