Chicago Bears: Kerrith Whyte Jr. is ready to make an impact

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Interview Part I

DaWindyCity (DWC): Hey Kerrith, how’s it going man?  How have you been since we last met?

Kerrith Whyte (KW): I’m good man, I can’t complain — God has been really good to me.

DWC: I think the last time we talked, we said how great it would be if you ended up a Chicago Bear, and here we are.

KW: Right, right — it’s crazy how things work out, isn’t it?

DWC: It sure is. So how have you been?

KW: I’ve been good. We just finished up OTAs and it’s been a great experience so far. Everything has been really smooth.

DWC: Before we got to it, I want to start off by saying congratulations on getting drafted. It must have been an incredible experience. Now that it’s a reality, what is it like to have been drafted by the Chicago Bears?

KW: Thank you man, I appreciate that. You know, it just kind of hit me the other day and I was like ‘wow I made it so far’ and it’s just truly a blessing just to be at this point. When I walked into the facility I was like ‘wow, I’m actually in an NFL locker room right now’ and it’s just been such a cool experience and one I will never take for granted. I’m just going to continue to work each and every day as hard as I can to stay here as long as I can.

DWC: I saw they brought all the rookies to Soldier Field recently for a visit. What was that experience like?

KW: That was pretty cool. I actually had never been to an NFL game or an NFL stadium before so to be in one like that was really cool to see where I will hopefully be playing in a couple of months.

DWC: Do you find yourself imagining what it will be like when that place is packed on Sundays?

KW: Oh most definitely, but you know I’ve watched a lot of Bears games and just visualized myself being there making plays and stuff like that, but it was pretty cool though.

DWC: Now you were at the Chicago Bears 100 celebration last night. What was that like?

KW: Oh you know it was really cool just to see all the former players who built the foundation of the whole organization. Just to see them was a really cool experience — to chop it up with them and hear their stories and what they’ve been through. It was just a really cool experience.

DWC: What was your favorite part of the festivities?

KW: Just being on stage with everyone. At the end, they played some music and everybody was turnin’ it up and dancing on the stage. That was a pretty cool experience. And seeing all the former players and the guys I used to see on t.v. and now to see them in person was really cool.

DWC: And last time we chatted, you mentioned that Devin Hester was one of your childhood heroes. Were you able to connect with him at all?

KW: I spoke to him briefly but everything was going so fast. But it was really cool to see him. I was like ‘wow, I used to look up to him and now I’m here where he was and playing for the same organization.’

DWC: It looks like as a team you guys are just having so much fun and everyone gets along really well. What’s the atmosphere like around the club.

KW: I mean it’s all about having fun you know. That’s what it’s all about — forming connections with others is what it’s about. So you know just having that experience with that event last night was great for the team and the organization to go out there and connect with others.

DWC: Last time we also joked about maybe you introducing some singing competitions to the team if you were drafted by the Bears. Any luck so far?

KW: Not yet, not yet, but during training camp, they have the Rookie Talent Show, so that’s where I’ll probably get it going.

DWC: So tell me how you found out the Bears were going to draft you and did you have any idea?

KW: That experience was surreal. I’m just very thankful for the opportunity I got. I remember that day I was with my family. I didn’t have any kind of draft party or anything like that. I just had my immediate family and my grandparents on both sides at my house. We were just enjoying the fellowship, relaxing and watching t.v. Then the seventh-round came around and I remember receiving a call from the Bears and I was like ‘oh wow, is this it?’ And just for them to draft me is truly a blessing. The best part about it was just seeing the happiness and smiles on my family’s faces. That meant everything to me and I’m just truly grateful to be here and how everything played out.

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DWC: Who did you get the call from? Was it coach Nagy?

KW: It was and it was an incredible experience — one I won’t ever forget — for sure.

DWC: Have you had an opportunity to just reflect on what’s transpired over the last couple of months?

KW: Honestly, that’s something I do every night right before I fall asleep — just reflecting back to see how far I’ve come. And just continue to thank God for even bringing me this far because it really is a blessing and I’m just very thankful to even be here. A lot of people probably didn’t imagine me being here so just to be here is a really cool experience.