Chicago Bears: Unconventional NFC North quarterback rankings

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Matthew Stafford
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No. 3 overall: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Individual Rankings:

Age: 3rd (31 years old)

Career Accomplishments: 2nd (1x Pro Bowl, 1x Pro Bowl MVP, 1x Comeback Player of the Year)

2018 QBR: 4th (53.8)

Contract: 2nd ($27 million average salary)

Beer Chugging: 1st (Not even close)

Beard Appeal: 4th (Ability to grow, looks like bird’s nest)

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I will be the first to say that I truly love Matthew Stafford the person. It is hard to knock him, in all seriousness, because of what he does off the field. Stafford is one of the good guys in the NFL. Also, on behalf of the team here at DWC, we are continuing to keep Stafford’s wife Kelly in our thoughts and prayers as she recovers from surgery to remove a brain tumor.

My goodness, how do I go on with this segment after touching on that subject?

Let’s just say that Stafford is a good quarterback in this league. He really is. Stafford might not be elite, but he’s kept the Lions in a lot of games which they should have been blown out. He’s been around long enough now, where I think he’s been victim of bad offensive schemes and zero run game.

Give Kerryon Johnson the reins and run the ball 25-to-30 times each game, and allow the pressure to be taken off of him a bit. Stafford gets too much heat at times. I do believe that.

I do have to say this: If you search for a picture of Stafford and his beard, it’ll garner a chuckle out of you. Go check out his beer-chugging video, though, and you’ll be nothing short of impressed.