Chicago Bulls: Inexpensive free agents worth looking at

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bulls, Jim Boylen
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The Chicago Bulls could look to fill out the depth on their roster this summer by going after some cost-effective free agents.

While the 2019 NBA Finals are in full swing and everyone is wondering whether or not Kawhi Leonard can somehow bring a championship back to Toronto, the Chicago Bulls are at home enjoying what has been an already-lengthy, early offseason.

For Bulls fans, the playoffs have been fairly enjoyable. I would venture to guess that many Bulls fans aren’t big on LeBron James, and seeing the playoffs without him for the first time in several years? Well, I’ll admit. It’s been fun — and these playoffs have not disappointed.

What has been disappointing, though, is our beloved Bulls over the last couple of seasons — especially when it comes to the Draft Lottery. Now, I won’t go down that road entirely, but aren’t you sick of seeing the Bulls pick beyond where they should?

I digress.

The offseason is about more than just the draft, although it’s where the Bulls will get most of their talent going forward. Until they establish themselves as a premier free agent destination (meaning, GarPax is fired), the draft will have to do.

In terms of free agency, though, the Bulls shouldn’t be completely ruled out from obtaining a decent amount of talent. They will just have to look a bit harder, and deeper, than other teams. Already, Patrick Beverley seems to be hinting via Twitter that he wants to come to Chicago.

He may require a decent (not huge) chunk of change, but who else is out there that would come cheaper by comparison? Let’s look at a few free agents the Bulls may look at, who wouldn’t break the bank.