Chicago Bears: Cordarrelle Patterson has Matt Nagy’s attention

Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are awfully excited to get Cordarrelle Patterson on the field.

Earlier this week, we highlighted three offseason additions that will have the greatest impact for the Chicago Bears in 2019. One of those players was super-utility man Cordarrelle Patterson. As outlined in the piece, the main reason he will have such an impact on the upcoming season is his versatility.

Bears fans got a glimpse of that last season when the New England Patriots, with whom Patterson played last season, came to town in October. He had four kick returns for 179 yards and a touchdown, was lined up much of the game at wide receiver (although did not haul in a catch) and even had one rushing attempt for four yards.

Now, the creative offensive mind of Matt Nagy gets to hit the lab and work up a series of plays and packages to deploy his new weapon.

And if Nagy’s recent comments are any indication, he’s incredibly amped to work with Patterson and get him on the field.

Nagy described himself as a “kid in a candy store” when discussing Patterson’s role in the offense. He noted Patterson will be referred to as the “Trojan” in the Bears offense, a name which resonates with Patterson going back to his high school days.

In any event, the point is Patterson will be utilized in a variety of ways. We know about his abilities as a returner, receiver, and even a running back. However, yesterday, we also learned of an additional skill that fans may see him display this season.

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Specifically, I’m referring to the news coming out of practice on Wednesday that Patterson was seen throwing some passes in practice.

When asked about it following practice, Nagy was a little coy. Check out the video below starting around the 1:12 mark where he starts talking about Patterson working within the offense.

Having a weapon like Patterson is a boon for any team. Having a player like him on a team with an offensive mind like Nagy could be downright silly. When you start to think about all the ways in which Patterson can be a weapon for this team and Bears fans should be grinning from ear to ear. Maybe we all feel like kids in a candy store.