Chicago Bulls: Did chances of landing Patrick Beverley just skyrocket?

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bulls chances of landing the free-agent point guard may have just increased substantially.

It is well documented (to include on this site) that the Chicago Bulls are in the market for a point guard this offseason. They clearly are looking to upgrade from Kris Dunn, whom they appeared to have started to sour on even last year. You may recall there were reports prior to last season regarding Dunn’s work ethic.

Whenever it started, the fact of the matter is that they will likely go into this year with a new starting point guard. Perhaps that player could be acquired through the upcoming NBA Draft. Names like Darius Garland and Coby White have been thrown out, as it is highly unlikely — absent a trade — that they will have a shot at Ja Morant.

It remains to be seen whether the Bulls value those players as viable options. However, one player who seems to fit the mold of what Jim Boylen is looking for, and who they could even play Dunn alongside, is Patrick Beverley.

The Chicago native and free agent from the Houston Rockets makes an awful lot of sense. It’s not just the fact that he’s from the area, but because he’s a hard-nosed, tough, defensive-minded point guard, who is capable of distributing the ball to the Bulls variety of young scorers. He’s exactly the kind of person and player that the Bulls would want to bring in to help mentor and develop a young team. He’s the kind of player who would instantly command the locker room and set a quality example for the younger guys.

And it just so happens that the Bulls chances of landing the free agent may have gone up quite a bit in the last 24-hours. That’s because of the news that the Bulls hired Roy Rogers, the former Rockets assistant to the same role with the Bulls.

Rogers has a reputation for being an incredibly hard worker who is very good at player development and is well-respected by the players in the locker room. Sound familiar? Beyond sharing some of the same qualities as a professional, Beverley appears to have taken notice of Rogers’ career move when he took to Twitter to — let’s just say — enjoy the news.

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As we always caution, Twitter rumors and player tweets need to be taken with a huge grain of salt. However, there is at least enough history and connection here that it’s worth keeping an eye on.