Chicago Bulls: Why did GarPax make a push for Chris Paul?

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Reason #3: Maybe Chris Paul really is that good

I had a really hard time believing that the Bulls were that interested in Paul that they would completely change the structure of their team and what they’ve been building these past two or three seasons.

But I have to take a moment and just say that Paul is an amazing talent, a future Hall-of-Fame player, and someone that would be great to have on the Bulls. However, I don’t think he’s worth it at this reported price.

Still, we need to give Paul his due as a star of his generation. He’s a nine-time all-star, nine-times NBA all-defense, an eight-time all-NBA defender, and led the league in steals in six times. He’d be a huge acquisition for the Bulls, even this far into his career.

Paul has a reputation of being one of the least-liked players on the court of anyone in the league. Off the court, however, he’s an example of how a pro athlete should be involved in their community.

Aside from his foundation and other charities he’s involved with, Paul hosts a celebrity bowling event for charity every year. He was named as the second ever ESPN Sports Humanitarian of the Year in 2016.

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It would’ve been nice to have a veteran leader with deep playoff experience like Paul in the Bulls locker room. But if it came at the cost of two of the team’s brightest young stars, it makes sense the Bulls pulled out at the finish line.