Chicago Bulls: Why did GarPax make a push for Chris Paul?

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Kris Dunn, Chicago Bulls
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Reason #2: Front office has doubts about Dunn and Markkanen

If the reason for this potential trade isn’t that the team wants to make news and seem like they’re ready to compete, maybe they doubt their roster. Is it possible that the front office doesn’t believe in both Dunn and Markkanen?

There were already rumors that GarPax badly wanted to trade Dunn early in the season, but Paxson confirmed the front office wanted more from the point guard in his end of season press conference (Via Chicago Tribune):

"We have not given up on Kris. I think he has defensive abilities. But we have to get better at that position, there’s absolutely no question in my mind. He has an opportunity this summer to improve his game."

It’s clear that the Bulls want more pace from Dunn, and fans were dreaming of the Bulls fixing the problem by getting the second overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. That could’ve netted them Murray State guard Ja Morant, but he won’t be there at pick seven.

The Bulls will have to look to alternatives in the draft, but it’s interesting that Paxson would so publicly pressure Dunn. Maybe he’s the kind of guy that needs to be called out like that, but who knows?

There’s definitely some truth that GarPax have their doubts about certain players on this roster. But in that same press conference, Paxson praised the abilities of Markkanen.

As much as I hate on GarPax, I can’t see them shopping Markkanen for an aging player. Dunn makes a lot more sense for them to deal, but I’m having a hard time believing this trade was even close to finalized.