Chicago Bulls: Why did GarPax make a push for Chris Paul?

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Reason #1: The Bulls can’t make a big free agent signing

Acquiring a star like Chris Paul at this point in his career doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you’re giving up other veteran players in return. Paul is going into his 15th season in the NBA and has dealt with a laundry list of injuries. The Bulls would be his fourth team.

It’s unclear why any rebuilding team would be interested in a veteran player at that stage in his career, but with the Bulls, there could be multiple explanations.

One could be that GarPax feels this team isn’t rebuilding anymore and that they’d be ready to compete with the addition of one veteran star. That theory doesn’t make much sense when you consider what the team was reportedly giving up.

What’s more likely in my opinion is that the front office really wants to acquire a big name player, and know that they can’t do so in free agency.

There are a lot of good free agent options this offseason, including star point guards like Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving. But the Bulls won’t be going after them, and Paxson knows why.

Paxson admitted in an interview in February that he knew the team isn’t a big free agent destination. Trading for a player like Paul is their best option at obtaining a star player.

Whether it’s because of the brutal winter, the incredible shadow cast by Michael Jordan, or the known ineptitude of the team’s leadership, there are many explanations why the Bulls haven’t been able to sign a superstar free agent in the GarPax era.

Whatever the reason, the front office shouldn’t be looking to blow up a young core of players for a shot at a big name on his way out of the NBA.