Chicago Bears: Core players in line for a contract extension

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

What are some players that the Chicago Bears will need to get ready to extend?

As the Chicago Bears continue to be led by General Manager Ryan Pace, the team will need to begin thinking about extensions for core players. Over the last four years, a major reason the Bears were able to be so flexible with money in the offseason was due to the fact that the team had a plethora of rookies on cheap contracts

However, the reality of the NFL is that at some point, teams will need to begin paying their best players if they are to continue having a winning franchise. It’s really simple to understand. If you don’t pay your best players, some other team will.

The Bears are getting ready to be in the same boat. While the team is still relatively young, the Bears have a number of players that will be eligible for contract extensions this offseason and well into next offseason.

The goal for the Bears should be to retain their own players first before dipping into free agency and trying to find replacements.  However, there is one thing to understand: The Bears may not be able to renew every one of their own players’ contracts which will put the team in a tough position meaning that some players will be shown the door at the expense of others.

Another thing to understand is that while the Bears don’t have the most ideal cap space situation heading into the 2020 offseason, there will be players that will be cut who will save the Bears a considerable amount of money.

As the Bears continue the Ryan Pace era, what are some names that are going to be eligible for contract extensions within the next two years? We’ll look at some names and breakdown why or why not the Bears should extend each of the names listed.