Chicago Bulls: 5 Moves to restore faith in front office

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Not worried about the injuries

Listen, I understand anyone’s opinion who states they do not want to see Anthony Davis in a Bulls uniform because he is always hurt. Availability is the best ability they say. That said, if you put Anthony Davis on this Bulls roster, they instantly project as a top-eight team. They should even be able to compete with the top teams in the East.

Davis has made it clear he wants to be the focal piece of the team. After the Pelicans draft Zion Williamson, he will not be the only face of that franchise. In fact, many might prefer Williamson to Davis. Why not convince the Pelicans and Davis that the best move is to bring Davis back home to Chicago. Look at how Derrick Rose was embraced by this city, Anthony Davis would see a similar homecoming.

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How do the Bulls make this trade work? Simple, they move Otto Porter and the No. 7 pick for Anthony Davis. Would that be enough? To be honest, I am not sure. It works on paper, but they might have to give up a future pick too. Do it. Who cares? The Bulls cannot seem to get a top three pick anyway and this is a guaranteed superstar.

Pair Davis up with Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen and whichever point guard they can retain. This is a recipe for success. Imagine if they can steal Malcolm Brogdon. That would make their starting roster Brogdon, LaVine, Markkanen, Davis and Wendell Carter, Jr. That is a team that will compete in the East. That is also a team that Anthony Davis can call his own since he is the only superstar.

Heck, the team could really be aggressive and blow through to the luxury tax and maybe bring in one of the top point guards. Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving would look decent in a Bulls uniform if they actually spent big instead of targeting Brodgon. This is wishful thinking but again proves the point that being aggressive could be the key to bringing back the fans.