Chicago Bulls: 5 Moves to restore faith in front office

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Chicago Bulls - Jerry Reinsdorf
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Make a splash already

Jerry Reinsdorf needs to move on, but let’s face it, that is not happening this year or relatively soon. As both a Bulls and a White Sox fan, I would love to see him sell both franchises. If we look at both teams lately, neither has been aggressive enough in making the right moves. Reinsdorf is a big link between the two.

Whether it is him telling his organizations no or just keeping the wrong people in place for too long, Reinsdorf’s two teams are not aggressive enough in my opinion. Too often they miss out on the big time all-star players. Too often they overpay for mediocrity. This has to change and it has to change this season.

If I am Gar Forman, I am on the phone every day with teams who currently have more than one superstar. Heck, I would be on the phone with just about every team in the league. My response to every one of them, “Listen, we are the third largest market in the country. The NBA does better when we thrive. We are willing to move anyone for the right price. What will it take to make a trade work for [insert name]?”

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This might not pan out, but let me tell you, I am going to make this information public. Why? I want the team to know that no one is safe. Maybe that will help improve things, maybe it will make things worse with the team.

One thing I know for sure, I believe most Bulls fans would appreciate the aggressiveness. The willingness to do whatever it takes to turn this team around is essential in rebuilding the trust of the fanbase. Take a page out of Ryan Pace’s playbook. Look at what bringing Khalil Mack did for the Bears. Even if he ends up being wrong, you have to respect Pace’s decisions to build the team the way he envisions it and his no holds barred nature.

Also, this team needs to push the luxury tax limit. Do not worry about going over the salary cap. If you cannot land a trade, then spend more money and do not lose out on a bigtime free agent. Get a deal done and bring in a superstar this team so desperately needs.