Chicago Bulls: 5 Moves to restore faith in front office

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Fans have lost faith in the Chicago Bulls front office, but can they restore the confidence of their fanbase? These five moves should help.

As a fan who is less optimistic than most about the Chicago Bulls future, I understand. I understand you want Gar Forman and John Paxson to be gone. I understand you want the Bulls to compete every season. I understand you do not want to contribute to a team that has been spiraling out of relevance by buying tickets, memorabilia or even watching games on television.

All of that said, is there anything this front office can do to earn your trust back? Have they made solid moves over the last two seasons that could actually turn things around in the near future? Will you give them the benefit of the doubt or has that ship sailed?

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Personally, I struggle to see any upside in the near future. This team started rebuilding two seasons ago when they traded away Jimmy Butler, and things have not looked great. That said, there has been some upside and they might be closer to relevance than we think. However, relevance is not enough for me. It is not even close. I want this team competing for championships again.

All of this negativity aside, there are moves this organization could do in order to regain my confidence. If I was running the team, there are things I would do that this organization has not been doing the last few years. In fact, if Forman and Paxson follow my advice, they could even find that fans are willing to forgive them for their failures.