Chicago Bulls: Potential free agent adds from Boston Celtics

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Chicago Bulls, Aron Baynes
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Center Aron Baynes — Player Option

Another guy whom the Celtics will probably hold onto is center Aron Baynes, but not by their choice. I’m sure if it was up to them, they would keep him. However, Baynes’ contract gives him a player option following this season, and I’d be willing to bet he sticks around on a team consistently in the playoffs.

Baynes is another one of those big men who plays with an edge, which is a reason I could see Boylen vying for the front office to go after him — should he opt-out of the final year of his contract.

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Prior to Al Horford’s arrival in Boston, Baynes stood out a bit more. His physical presence and gritty play around the basket didn’t go unnoticed, especially in the playoffs of 2018. Boston’s improbable run in 2018 was led by a few key guys, and Baynes was left in the background at times. But, he was also a big reason for their success.

Baynes is the type of player you might not like unless he’s on your team. He can get fairly nasty around the hoop and certainly never plays soft. Baynes has always been a strong rebounder, averaging over 10 boards per game on a 36-minute basis for his career. His offensive game isn’t too broad, but around the basket, he gets the job done.