Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Anthony Miller – WR, Bears (Bronn)

Bronn, a sellsword who has no last name, eventually uses his skill with a sword to rise to fame. We first meet Bronn as he saves Tyrion Lannister’s life by fighting for him as his champion in a trial by combat. Throughout the seasons, Bronn strikes many deals with people to advance his title and even his wealth. As a sellsword, he is basically a mercenary for hire and helps whoever pays the most.

Bronn eventually becomes a knight and even earns the title Ser Bronn of Blackwater for his success during the Battle of Blackwater. He is a very cocky fighter but has the skills to back his arrogance up. The sellsword has a sarcastic and somewhat dark sense of humor. He has a less common fighting style of other knights and uses his speed and agility to his advantage.

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Anthony Miller screams comparable to Bronn. Even before he was drafted, Miller claimed to be the best receiver in the 2018 NFL Draft. Miller has the same arrogance and swagger as Bronn. He dealt with injuries last season but proved he has big things in store for his career by hauling in seven touchdowns.

Also like Bronn, Anthony Miller had to make a name for himself. He was a walk-on at Memphis who quickly proved he belonged based on his hard work and athleticism. Miller uses his skills and agility to run strong routes and make himself an open target. Running out of the slot is best suited for Miller, but he is able to handle just about any receiver position.