Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Darius Slay – CB, Lions (Lord Varys)

Varys is an interesting character in Game of Thrones. He grew up in the slums of Westeros after being discarded by a sorcerer who used his body parts in a spell. He learned how to survive on the streets by stealing and performing favors. He quickly learned that knowing secrets was the most powerful tool. Varys becomes a spy and nicknamed “the Spider”.

Varys developed a reputation and eventually became “Master of Whisperers” and given the title of Lord. As the Kings’ spy, he is able to learn and obtain information all throughout Westeros and even Essos. He has a network of people he calls his “little birds” who spy and share information with Varys. This becomes an invaluable tool and Varys becomes almost indispensable.

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When I was trying to identify who fits the comparable of Varys, I instantly thought about defensive backs in the NFC North. Corners and safeties are spies in themselves. I went with Darius Slay because he’s the best corner in the NFC North. I know that will not go over well with Bears fans, but he is slightly better than Kyle Fuller.

I almost went with Eddie Jackson here too. All three of these guys fit the description of a spy. Slay has been doing it better for longer though and Varys has been the Master of Whisperers for quite some time. Slay’s interception numbers are not great outside of 2017, but that is partly because quarterbacks try not to throw directly his way.