Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Kyle Long – OG, Bears (Sandor Clegane)

The Clegane lineage must bare large men because even though Sandor Clegane is not as big as his older brother Ser Gregor, he is still quite large in his own right. Sandor was entrusted with the duty of looking out for Prince Joffrey Baratheon. He was made a part of Joffrey’s Kingsguard, despite not being a knight.

Sandor has scarring all over his face. The scars were clearly made from being burned, and thus he has a fear of fire. Sandor is a very complex character in the show, but probably one of my favorites. He is nicknamed “the Hound” because he is treated like a dog by Prince Joffrey. He has a violent streak, but he has a moral heart deep down inside. He has a code he will not cross.

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When I think about Kyle Long, I see a big, strong guy who has a violent streak on the field but is a teddy bear off it. He shows love to all the fans and is willing to do things like take pay cuts to stay on the team. Long is a brawler in the run game. He is athletic and moves well for a big guy too. He has been a solid pass protector outside of when he played out of position at tackle.

Long has had a history of injuries. He has not played more than 10 games since 2015. This is a bit of a reach here, but the injuries that have hindered Long can be compared to Sandor’s burnt face and fear of fire. A fear that limits him from reaching his greatness and potential. A fear that fuels his anger and hatred.