Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Mitch Trubisky – QB, Bears (Jon Snow)

Our final character is easily my favorite and most everyone’s favorite. Without giving out any spoilers let us just say that Jon Snow is Eddard Stark’s son out of wedlock. He was raised in Winterfell and was loved by his father and most of his siblings. He was hated by Catelyn Stark and Sansa was not keen on him either in the beginning.

Snow has a sense of honor and one of the most moral compasses in Game of Thrones. Jon was the most skilled fighter of the Starks and he took those skills to the Wall. He swore allegiance to the Nights Watch. Snow has a way of making even his enemies respect him. He has a way of inspiring anyone and everyone around him. He always seems to do the right thing and is humble too.

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When I see what Mitch Trubisky has done for the Chicago Bears, I see more than a quarterback who has improved his game drastically from year one to year two. I see a guy who inspires his teammates. I see a quarterback who is the complete opposite of Jay Cutler when it comes the way he treats his teammates on and off the field.

Trubisky had a great sophomore season and I cannot wait to see his third year. He proved himself worthy of being Jon Snow on the field though. The way Snow fights reminds me of how Trubisky plays the game of football. He is humble and puts his teammates first. He plays with his heart as much as his talent and leaves it all out on the field. Jon Snow deserves to be the King of the Seven Kingdoms and sit upon the Iron Throne.

Hopefully, the finale makes up for the rushed outcome of Season 8 thus far. Either way, tonight marks the end of a great television show. Writing this has been fun and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed writing it.