Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Tarik Cohen – RB, Bears (Arya Stark)

Arya Stark is the third oldest child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She is nothing like her sister Sansa. Sansa is a proper lady, whereas Arya is wild and prefers to fight. She constantly says she is not a “lady”, and many mistake her for a boy. Arya also goes to Kings Landing, but unwillingly. She prefers the North and all it offers.

Arya is fierce had not afraid to speak her mind. Arya is surrounded by death throughout her journey. She was taught how to swordfight by a water dancer. This form of fighting allows her to use her small size, quickness and agility to her advantage. At some point, she goes to Baavos and learns how to become “no one” as all “Faceless Men” are known.

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Tarik Cohen was an easy choice here. He is small in stature similar to Arya, but he is extremely quick and agile like Arya too. Many times the little halfback will make a cut or two and defenders just fly by him. You see similarities in how Arya fights.

Furthermore, as Arya becomes “no one”, Cohen was already somewhat of a no one but has definitely made a name for himself now. He is fierce on the field too and if you follow him on social media or listen to his interviews, Cohen is not afraid to speak his mind either.