Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Chicago Bears, 2019 NFL Draft
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Ryan Pace – GM, Bears (Sansa Stark)

Sansa Stark is the second oldest child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She has the desire to go to Kings Landing instead of living out her days in Winterfell. When she heard she had a chance to be betrothed Joffrey Lannister, she jumped at the opportunity to leave her northern home and go south.

Sansa goes through many trials and tribulations throughout her youth. She is very naive at first, but after some tough experiences, Sansa becomes very aware and might be the most intelligent of the Stark children. Although not a fighter, she knows how to inspire and bring the right people together.

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Ryan Pace was Executive of the Year in 2018. This was well deserved after the transformation the Bears went through. Like Sansa Stark, Ryan Pace is clearly not a fighter. He is not a player, but he has proven he knows how to put the right players together. It took some time, similarly to Sansa, but Pace seems to be one of the best General Managers in the league.

Pace has had his ups and downs like Sansa too. Most of the lumps came early in his tenure. He was a little more naive then but has proven to fully understand the plan needed to build a sustainable and successful roster. His future in Chicago will be closely watched, just as Sansa’s will be watched in Westeros.