Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Allen Robinson – WR, Bears (Jorah Mormont)

Jorah Mormont is also one of Daenerys Targaryen’s trusted advisors. He has been with her throughout her entire rise from nothing to becoming a threat to seizing the iron throne. Mormont is not only Daenerys’ most loyal advisor, he eventually becomes smitten and falls in love with her.

Mormont fled to Essos to escape execution after Robert Baratheon defeated the Mad King and claimed the throne. Although honorable and loyal, Mormont tends to put himself and the ones he loves above his moral code. That said, even though he is exiled, Mormont proves time and time again that he is worthy of returning home. He is a fierce fighter who tries not to take a life unless absolutely necessary.

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Allen Robinson was a hero in Jacksonville early in his career. Unfortunately, he was pushed out (not by the fans) and found himself looking for a new home. This is similar to Mormont having to leave Westeros. Robinson found a new home in Chicago where fans and the team fully embraced his presence.

Robinson proved himself worthy in 2018 by leading the team in receiving yards. He had an outstanding performance in the playoff loss to the Eagles too. Like Mormont, Robinson takes his licks and keeps getting up and succeeding. 2019 should be even better as he will be able to play faster in Nagy’s system in year two. Will he earn the love of Chicago? Will Mormont earn the love and admiration of Daenerys?