Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Davante Adams – WR, Packers (Grey Worm)

Grey Worm is the commander of the Unsullied. He was taken as a slave when a boy. He was castrated and then trained to be a warrior of the Unsullied. The Unsullied are trained into complete obedience. The children are brought up without knowing anything else but commands and fighting.

Just like Missandei, Grey Worm is freed from slavery by Daenerys Targaryen. Grey Worm decides to fight for Daenerys as a free man. The Unsullied choose Grey Worm to lead them as their commander and they all follow Daenerys to Westeros. Grey Worm falls in love with Missandei as they both sit upon Daenerys council.

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Davante Adams quickly came to mind when I thought of Grey Worm. Both are complete bad [explitives] in the field. Adams is easily the best wide receiver in the NFC North, even without Aaron Rodgers, Adams would have flourished with just about any quarterback. He has averaged 11 touchdowns the last three seasons and nearly 1,000 yards receiving.

The Green Bay Packers choose different captains every week, otherwise, I have no doubt Adams would be elected a team captain every year. I could even see Adams being the commander of the Packers offense instead of Aaron Rodgers.