Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comparisons, Part II

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Chicago Bears - Mark Helfrich
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Mark Helfrich – OC, Bears (Missandei)

Most of the characters are from Westeros, however, Missandei comes to be known from Essos. Missandei was a slave who lived in Slaver’s Bay. She was an interpreter who spoke many different languages. Daenerys Targaryen becomes intrigued by Missandei when they first meet and Missandei acts as an interpreter between Daenerys and Missandei’s owner.

After negotiations go poorly, Daenerys frees Missandei and others. Missandei becomes not only an interpreter for Daenerys but also a great friend and female confidant. Missandei sits upon Daenerys’ council and is a moral compass that helps guide Daenerys as she lays claim to the iron throne. Missandei eventually becomes the love interest of Grey Worm, another loyal follower to Daenerys.

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Why would Mark Helfrich be a good comp to Missandei? Well, it is simple and probably gives another character comp away. Helfrich was in the college ranks. Hardly a slave, but was not someone many were looking at coming up to the NFL ranks at the time. He proves himself valuable by helping the Bears and Head Coach, Matt Nagy create plays.

In fact, you could say that Helfrich is similar to Missandei in that he speaks a different language with the Bears playcalling. He is also the right hand to Nagy similarly to how Missandei is the right hand to Daenerys.