Chicago Cubs: Three takeaways from series win over Brewers

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Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs
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Addison Russell is back…yay?

This week also marked the not-so-long-awaited return of infielder Addison Russell. Russell was suspended 40 games in October of last season, and his future with the Cubs was in doubt at that time.

Russell was suspended because he was accused of domestic violence against his ex-wife Melisa Reidy. Russell denied the allegations when they surfaced in 2018, but in a February 2019 press conference, he admitted wrongdoing.

While he didn’t get into specifics about why he was suspended for violating the league’s domestic violence policy, it was clear that the Cubs weren’t just giving up on him.

Cubs executive Theo Epstein said he would hold Russell to “An incredibly high standard” if he returned. Now that he has, what exactly does that high standard mean?

Russell was showered by boos in his first plate appearance of last Wednesday’s game against the Miami Marlins, where he made his return. Let’s just say he didn’t exactly take it well. Here’s what he said after the game (Via Chicago Sun-Times):

"I’m a baseball player for the Chicago Cubs, I’m one of the dudes in this clubhouse. I’m one of the guys who goes out there and puts his [body] on the line. We do it because we love it. We want to win, and we want to bring another championship to Chicago. And if hometown fans want to boo someone that’s trying to help bring the team a World Series again, then that’s on them."

Alright, so off to a great start back. Honestly, I doubt many fans care whether or not Russell puts his body on the line for this team. His presence along with the conspicuous absence of Ben Zobrist is not a good thing for this roster in my opinion.

Russell got a second chance not afforded to many athletes who commit domestic violence. It would help him to show humility for once. It apparently hasn’t happened yet, even though he walked back his negative comments.

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The Russell situation will be one to continue to monitor. For now, I feel it’s best to bask in the glory of yet another series victory. Keep checking Da Windy City for more Cubs updates in the coming days.