Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky and the complete list of quarterback tiers

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Which Andy Dalton will we get tonight? That’s a common question amongst Bengals fans, week after week during the season. He is who he is, and that’s an average quarterback.

Joe Flacco, Denver Broncos

One of the most criminally overrated quarterbacks of the last decade is without a doubt Joe Flacco. He strung together an incredible playoff run, but other than that, he’s less than appealing.

Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Like Flacco, Nick Foles has won a Super Bowl. But, aside from the small sample of playoff magic, Foles has been an average quarterback. There’s a reason he’s been a backup for so long.

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Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He’s always had the physical tools. For Jameis Winston, it’s about the mental game. Can he make better decisions? Can he mature into a more level-headed leader?

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are going to severely overpay for Dak Prescott to stick around for years to come. But, that’s the price of a starting quarterback nowadays.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

I want to put Derek Carr higher, but he hasn’t done much to earn it. Until he returns to a potential MVP candidate like he was a couple of years ago, it’ll be tough to rank him higher.

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

I may take some heat for this last one, but hear me out. I have no doubt in my mind that Baker Mayfield will have another very good season. When he does, he moves up a tier. It’s that easy.