Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky and the complete list of quarterback tiers

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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Since there is such a debate over quarterback tiers in the NFL lately, we dive into where Mitchell Trubisky ranks among them.

It’s all over the place, lately. Quarterback tiers, rankings and opinions — but specifically, the tiers. If you’ve spent any time recently on social media, you’ve likely seen the modified photo of a table with tiers representing NFL quarterbacks. One thing is for certain: Everybody’s got an opinion, and Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is seen all over the place on these graphics.

In his rookie season, Trubisky looked like he struggled at times, but that can be attributed to the coaching staff continually crippling him with such a vanilla, predictable offense. Last season, after Matt Nagy took over, Trubisky took a huge step forward. So, where does that land him?

Better question, what company does he keep and why? Just what exactly is an “elite” quarterback? What makes a quarterback “borderline elite” or simply “above average?”

These are a few of the tiers you have probably seen roaming social media right now, and I’m here to set the record straight. I’ve taken the liberty to dive in and rank all 32 starting quarterbacks among five tiers: Below average, average, above average, borderline elite and elite.

So, where does Trubisky fall? No, really. Objectively, where does the third-year quarterback find himself among the rest of the league’s quarterbacks.

I’m not talking about comparison, here. If you want that, go talk to a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Right now, I’m talking about a simple rankings system — or, not so simple, depending on who you ask.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume we’re ranking all 32 starting quarterbacks going into this coming season. For the teams that may have a quarterback competition over the summer, I’ll give my best prediction as to which guy comes out on top. Here we go.