Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comps (Part 1)

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Chicago Bears, Jordan Howard
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Jordan Howard – RB, Eagles (Hot Pie)

Hot Pie was an orphan who becomes a baker’s apprentice. He is recruited to join the Night’s Watch. When he is first introduced, he tries to bully a character much smaller than him into giving up a sword.

Turns out, that character refuses to give up the sword and calls Hot Pie out on his bluff. Eventually, these two characters become friends and Hot Pie ends up becoming a baker at the Inn at the Crossroads. This is a much safer life.

How does Jordan Howard compare to Hot Pie you may ask? Well, quite simply, Howard is a bigger, slower running back in the NFL. He was well liked here in Chicago, just as Hot Pie is a well-liked character of Game of Thrones.

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Unfortunately for Howard, he was not elusive enough and lacked the necessary skills to fit in Matt Nagy’s offense. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles for a sixth-round draft pick (potential of a fifth). Howard should enjoy the safer life of the NFC East as he no longer has what it takes to handle the Kingsroad.

Now that Howard is out of the NFC North, like Hot Pie, he will no longer be counted on in the fight for the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros (the NFC North Title).