Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comps (Part 1)

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Minnesota Vikings - Everson Griffen
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Everson Griffen – DE, Vikings (Cersei Lannister)

Cersei Lannister is the last of Tywin Lannister’s children. She is actually the eldest twin of her and Jaimie. She was betrothed in an arranged marriage to Robert Baratheon after the fall of the Mad King. Robert and Cersei never loved one another. In fact, she grows to hate him in the end. She only has love, incestually, for her twin brother Jaimie and respect and adoration for her father Tywin.

Cersei is a very strong and intelligent woman. She is cunning and will do whatever it takes to prove her worth to the realm. She is driven by the want for pure power and will stop at nothing to achieve it. She goes through a great deal of turmoil and adversity on her way to the top too. Not to mention, she becomes ruthless and downright scary at times.

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When I think of Everson Griffen, I think of a big and violent man. He is strong and has great pass rushing intelligence. Griffen has dealt with some off the field issues the last year and a half. Despite this adversity, he was able to come back and play at a high-level last year. Griffen is a dominant force when fully healthy.

Griffen has been with the Vikings his entire career. He seems very loyal to the team, similar to how Cersei is loyal to her family’s legacy. Both Griffen and Cersei are strong and intelligent. They are both ruthless and full of anger, but most of all, they have both had to deal with great adversity. The comparison here is pretty spot on in my opinion.