Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comps (Part 1)

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Minnesota Vikings - Adam Thielen
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Adam Thielen – WR, Vikings (Podrick Payne)

Throughout the back half of Game of Thrones, you cannot see Brienne of Tarth and not think about Podrick “Pod” Payne. Pod was assigned to Tyrion Lannister, a name for later, as his squire. Those who know Tyrion know that alone is a joke since a squire serves a knight and Tyrion is and never will be a knight.

Pod was very loyal to Tyrion, despite the fact he was never supposed to amount to anything. At some point in the story, he was ordered to serve at the discretion of Brienne. Brienne refused to have him squire for her, but eventually takes pity on him and shows him some things. Pod continues to train and learn. He becomes very skilled with a sword and it shows useful.

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If you think of Pod, you think of an underdog story. A person who started at the bottom when it comes to being a squire for knights who were never meant to teach him enough of anything. His dedication and loyalty to learning the kraft have proven effective. He not only survives most events, but he proves useful.

When you think underdog story in the NFC North, you quickly think Adam Thielen. Thielen was an undrafted free agent. He was never supposed to amount to much in the NFL. After hard work and dedication, Thielen has become one of the best and most reliable receivers in the game. Everyone loves a good underdog story and both Pod and Thielen fit that bill to a T.