Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comps (Part 1)

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Chicago Bears - Bobby Massie
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Bobby Massie – OT, Bears (Brienne of Tarth)

One of Renly Baratheon’s loyal followers is Brienne of Tarth. Brienne becomes loyal to Renly after he showed her kindness at a ball thrown by her father. Brienne is a very big, strong and powerful woman. Suitors did not see her as a lady and therefore made fun of her instead. Renly stepped in and danced with her, making the suitors feel somewhat ridiculous in their ways.

Brienne of Tarth grew up without a mother for most of her life. Due to her size and strength, she was drawn to fighting instead. She became skilled with a sword and dreams of becoming a knight. Brienne is very protective by nature. She protects many characters in Game of Thrones based on loyalty and honor alone despite the lack of noble titles.

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Bobby Massie is clearly the Brienne of Tarth in the NFC North. He could have made more money this offseason leaving the Chicago Bears, but his loyalty to the team kept him in blue and orange. He took a lesser contract to continue to fight for the NFC Title for the team he believes can win the Super Bowl (Seven Kingdoms).

Not to mention, Massie’s job is to protect his teammates. He blocks for the running backs and to keep defenders off his quarterback. Massie is also pretty massive. Another comparison to Brienne of Tarth. He was never a top draft prospect similar to Brienne’s lack of a knighthood title, but he has been protecting teammates for years and will continue for years to come.