Chicago Bears: Game of Thrones NFC North player comps (Part 1)

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Detroit Lions - Marvin Jones
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Marvin Jones – WR, Lions (Stannis Baratheon)

Robert Baratheon was not an only child. He was actually not the oldest of the House of Baratheon either. That honor was bestowed onto Robert’s older brother Stannis. Like Robert, Stannis was a strong fighter, but he was an even better leader and general.

Stannis is a very cold and rigid man. He takes everything rather seriously. Stannis is also a tactician. This is what makes him such a good general and leader. He makes calculated decisions and well thought out plans.

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When I think of the players in the NFC North that could fit this description, I think of Marvin Jones. Marvin Jones is a strong route runner who has great hands. He is the tactician of the Lions offense. After two strong seasons, Marvin Jones’ season was cut short last year due to injury.

He is also one of the elder receivers of the NFC North. Jones is wise based on his experience within the league, just as Stannis is wise on the battlefield. I do not think Marvin Jones is as serious, cold or rigid as Stannis, but the rest fits. Plus, just as Marvin Jones’ season was cut short last season, Stannis’ reign is cut rather short as well.