Chicago Bears: Assessing 2019 NFL Rookie of the Year odds

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Chicago Bears (Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, N'Keal Harry
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The Top 10 — First Half

Daniel Jones, Quarterback, New York Giants: 18/1

Ah, yes. The pick that made everyone go, “huh?” If Daniel Jones wins the starting job, he’ll have a solid shot to win rookie of the year based on the fact that he’s a quarterback. If he outplays a certain couple of other quarterbacks, or the Giants somehow end up having better records than those two, it’s not a crazy thought.

N’Keal Harry, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots: 16/1

This is the wildcard right here. N’Keal Harry could end up being an enormous part of the Patriots’ offense in 2019, or he could be one of several pieces Tom Brady gets involved. If Harry becomes a top target and a true no. 1 option, look out.

Deebo Samuel, Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49ers: 16/1

I don’t particularly understand Deebo Samuel making the list. The San Francisco 49ers have a lot to figure out, offensively, between their back field and Jimmy Garoppolo coming back from injury. I also like Dante Pettis as their no. 1 guy.

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T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Detroit Lions: 12/1

It would be pretty shocking to see a tight end for the Detroit Lions win the Rookie of the Year, wouldn’t it? I suppose if Matthew Stafford feeds T.J. Hockenson double-digit targets each game, it’s possible. But, that won’t happen.

Drew Lock, Quarterback, Denver Broncos: 12/1

I could see Drew Lock coming away with this honor if he was able to secure the starting position by Week 4. He has a lot of young weapons on offense, and it’d be up to him not to screw it up.