Chicago White Sox: 3 moves to fix pitching staff

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Chicago White Sox, Jose Abreu
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Trade Jose Abreu

When looking at the White Sox roster, one player stands out that will likely not be around once this rebuild finally starts to shape up. Jose Abreu has been fantastic for the White Sox. He has not cost nearly as much as he is worth in my opinion, but the team was never able to make things work around him to achieve sustained success.

Abreu is 32 years old and on a contract that expires after this season. The likelihood of him returning in 2020 is not great in my opinion. This will be his last shot at a decent contract and the White Sox have shown they are hesitant to spend big money on free agents (they will have to eventually) during this rebuild.

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Abreu also stands out as one of the pieces you could move that actually holds some trade value. It would be ideal for the White Sox to move him this season and get something in return rather than lose him at the end of the year for essentially nothing. The trade deadline this season is July 31, 2019. We are still over two months away, but this move should happen regardless.

Finding a trade partner now is not likely, but as teams start to separate in the standings, it will be clear who will be looking for a back-half rental player like Abreu to help them push through the playoffs towards a World Series. The White Sox have a solid farm system in place, but if they can move Abreu for an arm on the Top 100 prospect list, that would be ideal.

The move would not fix 2019, but honestly, I think 2019 will be a lost season in regards to pitching.