Chicago Bears highly disrespected in latest power rankings

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

It may be a little early for true, accurate NFL power rankings. But, this is getting out of hand.

Look, I understand everyone is excited about what their respective team has done over the course of this offseason — except you, New York Giants fans. The 2019 NFL Draft, combined with free agency, has led to some intriguing storylines going into the summer months. But, even though there are other teams who have improved, one thing is certain: The Chicago Bears are in for a Super Bowl run.

The problem is, not everyone believes that — are you sick of the same old freezing takes, yet?

CBS Sports released their latest NFL power rankings, and let’s just say, you probably won’t agree with them.

I’ll give them no. 1 — the New England Patriots. They’re the defending Super Bowl Champions. That makes sense. The greatest quarterback of all-time is still playing pro football, and until that’s not the case, the Patriots are going to be favorites every year.

Here’s where it gets hilarious, though.

At no. 2, they list the Green Bay Packers.

No, it gets better.

Continue scrolling down the list, and maybe you’d expect to see the Bears in the top six or seven teams, at least. That would be fair, right? Heck, even if they were inside the top 10 I could let that slide.

Nope — the Bears are ranked at no. 12 overall.

We won’t even discuss most of the teams ahead of them (ahem, even the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons). But, the disrespect of both placing the Packers at no. 2 and the Bears at no. 12 is completely out of line.

First off, the Packers are coming off a season which saw them go a miserable 6-9-1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead with the, “Last year is last year” takes. If that’s truly the case, the Patriots’ reigning champs label wouldn’t matter.

The Packers added quite a bit of talent overall, between free agency and the draft, but they haven’t done a thing yet. Not to mention, their top two free agent signings on the edge, Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith, have yet to prove they are elite players, yet are being paid handsomely.

Aaron Rodgers is one hit away from being out for the season, as it seems every season. And, as it seems every season, that means the end for the Pack altogether.

When talking about the Bears, these power rankings speak highly of the defense. But, “How far they go will be all about Mitch Trubisky‘s improvement,” according to Pete Prisco.

Look, I have all the respect in the world for guys like Prisco. I am a fan. I think he does fantastic work. But, this is out of hand. The Bears don’t deserve to be placed anywhere outside the top six or seven teams in the league.

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The Packers, meanwhile, don’t even belong in the top 15. It isn’t an argument. Until they prove otherwise, get the Packers out of the top 10 and let’s move on with reality.