Chicago Bulls: 5 free agents to replace Robin Lopez

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Aron Baynes – Player Option

If you have watched the Boston Celtics over the last couple of seasons, especially in the playoffs, chances are you’ve had similar thoughts as me. Watching Aron Baynes, I constantly think how annoying of a player he’d be to play against.

For whatever reason, he just seems like a tough task. He’s a tough, physical player on both ends of the floor and doesn’t have a whole lot of regard for staying away from contact.

Last year, he had to start quite a few games for the Celtics. This season, he’s taken a back seat to Al Horford, but still provides Boston with solid depth in the front court as his minutes haven’t tapered off too much. The box scores will never blow you away, but Baynes’ hustle and effort with the little things will definitely impress.

Baynes could decide to opt-out of his contract and try finding a home elsewhere, as a starter. While I don’t see Baynes as a starter on many other teams, I do see the potential for him to make a little more money as an active member of a bench.

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He strikes me as a player Boylen would love to bring in, and I think if Baynes decided to opt-out of the final year of his deal, the Bulls may be in play.