Chicago Bears: 3 reasons to extend Mitch Trubisky

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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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For the Chicago Bears, it would make sense financially to extend Trubisky.

The Chicago Bears have to make some interesting decisions after the 2020 season if things remain as they are as Allen Robinson, Mitch Trubisky and Eddie Jackson are all scheduled to become free agents. The team has a club option for Trubisky in 2021, but that would absolutely come at a hefty price.

The Bears also figure to extend Cody Whitehair at some point this summer and likely Leonard Floyd next offseason. If the team gives Trubisky his extension, it would likely come at a much lower cost than if he waits until he hits free agency. Given the fact of where he is in his career, it would make the most sense financially.

Let’s say hypothetically that Trubisky wins two Super Bowls between now and the 2021 offseason, his cost (because of what he accomplished) would come at an astronomical price to retain his services.

Think of it being similar to the Anthony Rizzo contract extension back in May 2013 or, most recently, the Eloy Jimenez contract extension. Both the Cubs and the White Sox saw enough potential in both players that they wanted to lock them in for several years at a team-friendly yearly cost.

The Bears could accomplish something similar with Trubisky that would allow for other key free agents to be retained when their time comes for an extension. The team would benefit tremenously from being able to have the financial flexibility to keep one of his top targets in Allen Robinson, who said himself that he wants to play here forever.