Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Kerrith Whyte was a necessary pick

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Whyte’s entrance signals Mizzell’s exit

I am not one to try and tear down a player too much. But, like many Bears fans, I have been left wondering what exactly Taquan Mizzell is doing on this roster. Not only that, but why did Nagy insist on using him in critical situations a year ago?

While I love Nagy, he made some interesting decisions at times last season. Whether it was Benny Cunningham or Mizzell, Nagy had to throw one of those guys in on certain third downs and it made zero sense.

Now, with Whyte coming aboard, that has to signal the end of the Mizzell era in Chicago. As it stands, Bears fans can feel much safer about Nagy mixing it up in the back field. Regardless of the situation (even on third downs), I am completely satisfied with Nagy using any one of the top four backs he possesses.

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There will be no more two-minute drills where we see a mysterious Mizzell sighting. We won’t have to worry about it, period.

One more tidbit: With Whyte coming to Chicago, I wonder if this means the Ryan Nall experiment is over. I know, many of you hope he gets his shot. But, I don’t see that happening at this point.