Chicago Bears: Bold predictions for the 2019 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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With the 2019 NFL Draft finally here, here are some bold predictions about the Chicago Bears 2019 NFL Draft.

Over the last few years, Chicago Bears fans have become accustomed to first-round picks and NFL Draft classes where the team adds seven or eight new rookies to the roster each year. However, in 2019, the Bears will add just five new rookies to the roster, four of which will come on day three.

As the Ryan Pace gets set to lead his fifth NFL Draft as General Manager of the Bears, there’s no knowing what route he’s going to take. The reality is that each year, Pace comes up with new ways to be the face of the NFL Draft.

In 2017, Pace shocked the NFL by trading up for Mitchell Trubisky. In 2018, he tried to trade up twice in the first round, trying to add impact players both times. Now, in 2019, it’s more than likely that he’s got a new way to once again shock the NFL.

Many have wondered what the Bears are going to do in the 2019 draft. Some say the Bears are trying to add an impact player, while others have the Bears just adding a running back. Additionally, the team has been sniffing around positions like wide receiver and tight end that aren’t necessarily positions of need right now but could be needs at this time next year.

With the 2019 NFL Draft finally here, here are some bold predictions regarding the Bears draft. The beauty of the NFL Draft is that there are multiple routes a team can take in order to solidify its roster.

Here we go, let’s get to the predicting.