Chicago Bears: 3 potential trade packages for Robbie Gould

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The Chicago Bears could get creative with their offer and have an incentive built into the draft pick based on Gould’s 2019 performance.

As previously noted, the Chicago Bears have a lot of draft picks in next year’s draft. The previous option offered the 49ers the Jordan Howard pick with an incentive based on Howard’s 2019 performance. Another option the Bears could do is to incentivize one of their own draft picks.

The Bears should offer a 2020 sixth-round pick as a starter but include language that if Gould converts at least 90 percent of his field goals and 95 percent of extra points, the pick could move all the way up to the fourth round.

The 49ers could still get great value with a fourt-round pick. Gould converted 85.4 percent of his field goals during his first tenure with the Bears and 96.5 percent between the Giants and 49ers, so 90 percent in 2019 is certainly within the realm of possibility.

The 49ers don’t figure to be very good in 2019, so they might as well load up with as many draft picks as possible. The trade makes a lot of sense from both sides, as the Bears get their franchise kicker back and the 49ers can garner a solid mid-round pick if he performs well.