Chicago Bears: 3 potential trade packages for Robbie Gould

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The simplest trade package for the Chicago Bears would include a mid-round draft pick going to the 49ers in exchange for Gould.

The Chicago Bears have five picks in this year’s draft. I think they are intent on keeping all five of them, so it would make the most sense to look at next year’s draft as compensation for Robbie Gould. Add in the fact that the 49ers would likely have to sign Robbie Gould to a deal that the Bears have agreed to, and only then would he be traded. So there’s some outstanding paperwork yet to do.

In 2020, the Bears have two second round, one fourth-round, two fifth-round, two sixth-round, and one seventh-round draft pick. One of the sixth-round picks was acquired in the Jordan Howard trade with the potential to become a fifth round pick based on Howard’s performance (via The terms of Howard’s performance are still unknown at this time.

The Bears have plenty of picks next year to work with, and it would make the most sense to offer the 49ers the Jordan Howard sixth-round pick received from the Eagles. They technically never had this draft pick to begin with and were intent on moving Jordan Howard anyways.

This trade would be giving up the least amount in terms of draft picks. The Bears don’t figure to have many holes in this roster for several years to come, so a sixth-round pick might be able to get this deal done. The only round the 49ers will not be selecting in next year is the second round, as that draft pick was sent to acquire Dee Ford from the Kansas City Chiefs.

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They have two seventh-round picks next year and adding at the very least another sixth-round pick would be a fair trade. Plus it will give 49ers GM John Lynch something to cheer for in Jordan Howard, right?