Chicago Bears: Who wants to go to the London game?

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Total Costs

Remember, if you do not want to take the time to bundle everything up yourself, you can always look at going through the Chicago Bears website and use their recommended bundles that Primesport is offering.

In fact, it seems like if you take their minimum package, you actually get a good deal for your dollar. The package includes a tour of London, pregame brunch and a fan rally. That alone could be worth the extra money, depending on what you want to get out of the trip.

If you add in airfare to the fan experience bundles from Primesport, the cheapest you are looking at is $6,950 total or $3,475 per person. Remember, these prices are subject to change and will also depend on where you are traveling from.

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If we go with the cheapest hotel (basing all prices out of Chicago), we are looking at a total of $2,773. This would be the bundle package, plus ticket costs and transportation to and from the airport. This does not, however, include pricing for other transportation, meals or any taxes and service fees. The grand total is likely to be closer to $3500. This is for two people, not per person.

Hostels are not flashy or even nice and comfortable, but they make for great ways to travel for cheap. Using the $31 per night hostel rate, paired with the cost of a rental car, flights and game tickets, one could actually travel to the London game for as little as $1,425 per person plus fees and expenses.

To be fair, going to this game could be a priceless experience. It all depends on how much you want to see the Chicago Bears play a game in London in 2019 and what you can financially afford.