Chicago Bears: Who wants to go to the London game?

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Sometimes if you bundle your hotel and your flight together you can find even cheaper rates. If we look at Chicago prices that I found individually, we are looking at $427 (for two people) plus $1200 in airfare (for two people). That’s $1,627 in flights and hotel costs. That does not include the cost of the tickets to the game.

Expedia offers a bundle that includes airfare and a stay at the Tower Hotel in London for $821 per person. That is $1642 per person before taxes and fees. The Tower Hotel is a nicer hotel than the Travelodge for $214 per person.

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Through Kayak and here is a bundle at $1470.21 and includes transportation to and from the airport to the hotel. This seems to be the best price I have been able to find thus far. Remember, these do not include expenses needed to travel around London either. There will be additional transportation costs from the hotel to the stadium and back again.

If you feel comfortable driving on the wrong, I mean the other, side of the road, then you could always rent a car. You can rent a fiat for the entire trip for $43 plus fees and gas. Want something a little bit bigger? Rent a Volkswagen Golf for $52. Maybe you are going with a bigger group? The largest SUV I am finding is a Honda CRV (seats five) for $104 total.