Chicago Bears: How to solve their apparent “quarterback problem”

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Taysom Hill, Chicago Bears
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Speaking of Cutler, the Bears got one of their former franchise passers via trade.

So let’s see if they can swing a similar deal. But instead of giving up a mini-King’s ransom, let’s aim for someone more cost and performance efficient.

I know I sort of flamed Mariota earlier, but in his defense, he’s had some nice seasons. His main problem has been his inability to stay healthy. Some players the Titan’s offensive line has to lead to him getting sacked a bit, but behind a stronger and arguably more stable group with the Bears, he could theoretically explode. In Nagy’s offense, he could probably dominate the intermediate and short passing game while seamlessly deploying a ton of read-option. It’s a far greater system than “exotic smash-mouth”.

I also think that Taysom Hill should be on the table. Yes, we all love watching him find the field for the Saints as a gunner, wide receiver, running back, tight end, fullback, protector back, and quarterback. But I’d like to believe that there’s plenty untapped potential for him to be more than a true gadget player. Recall that he had a pass in the NFC Divisional round against the Eagles. A beauty of a dime to Alvin Kamara for a touchdown. While the play was overturned due to penalty, I thought it was Drew Brees who threw it because it was on the money. As long as Teddy Bridgewater is the de facto backup, Hill won’t see the field a ton. He can’t cost much and Sean Payton is wasting plays when Brees isn’t under center.

Lastly, I’ll throw in Dak Prescott. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of his, but there is an offensive system around him that I think he could legitimately thrive in. The Bears have been beefing up the ground game this offseason. So Nagy wouldn’t be putting everything on his plate to win the big ones. It may seem silly, but I could see Ryan Pace being fine with paying a proven commodity in Prescott.

Jerry Jones claims that everyone will get paid, but let’s be real: after Demarcus Lawrence’s mega-deal, it’s anyone’s guess with what comes next. Amari Cooper (2020), Zeke Elliott (2021), and Prescott (2020) will be free agents soon. He can’t pay them all without lighting the Cowboys’ cap space ablaze. The Bears have the money to hash out a deal before a trade formulizes. He also ranks in the middle of the pack for PFF’s ratings, for what that’s worth.