Chicago Bears: Player comparisons for top RB prospects

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Chicago Bears, Elijah Holyfield
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Elijah Holyfield, Georgia

Player Comparison: Jay Ajayi

One of the biggest mysteries in the NFL draft at the running back position is Georgia running back Elijah Holyfield.

Holyfield, the son of boxing legend Evander Holyfield, never had the backfield to himself at Georgia, always splitting time with at least one other back.

However, for that very reason, Holyfield is a great fit for the Bears. Holyfield is a good option if the Bears decide to hold off on picking a running back until the third day of the draft, as he would not be counted on running the offense, but would have the opportunity to grow, and fit into the same role that he was in at Georgia.

As for his NFL comparison, Holyfield, if he ends up being a starting running back, has many of the same qualities as former Miami Dolphins and Eagles running back Jay Ajayi.

A former 1000-yard running back, Ajayi fit into the “power back” prototype, as he wasn’t exactly skilled in making men miss, but rather was better suited in running through guys past the line of scrimmage.

That same ability in Holyfield would make him a great complement to Cohen in the Bears backfield, as the Bears would be able to utilize two polar opposite running backs, thus throwing off opposing defenses in a more consistent and fluent manner than they had attempted to with Howard and Cohen in seasons past.

Ultimately, while Holyfield might be more of a bargain, he could be a high-risk high-reward type of guy, with that reward resulting in one of the better backfields in Bears history.