Chicago Bears: Player comparisons for top RB prospects

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Chicago Bears, Devin Singletary
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Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic

Player Comparison: LeSean McCoy

If he’s available in the third round, Florida Atlantic running back Devin Singletary has a great chance to be the second great Singletary in Chicago Bears history.

The centerpiece in Lane Kiffin’s Owls offense, Singletary had a very productive college career, totaling over 4000 yards in three seasons, with his biggest season being his sophomore season in 2017, where he ran for nearly 2000 yards, scoring 32 touchdowns.

Singletary’s stat sheet stuffing ability makes him an excellent fit in the Bears offense. It’s been quite a while before the Bears had a consistent 100-yard back, but Singletary has all the makings of being that guy in Chicago.

In my opinion, Singletary compares perfectly to Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

Comparing a likely second or third rounder to one of the decades’ best running backs is a little risky, but Singletary’s skill set is a near mirror image of that of McCoy.

Singletary excels in making men miss in the backfield, and has some of the quickest feet in the draft. McCoy was a Sportscenter Top 10 regular during the prime of his career for his juking ability, and Singletary’s college highlight reel contains much of the same twists and turns.

McCoy was very successful for a very long time as the core of the Philadelphia Eagles offense, as Singletary was being the top guy at FAU. The NFL is a whole different animal than Group of Five football, but Singletary has the speed and skill to put up the same numbers and notoriety as McCoy.