Chicago Bears: Robbie Gould could be headed to Chicago after all

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears could have a perfect solution to their kicking woes.

Are you tired of hearing about the Chicago Bears and their need to find a capable field goal kicker? The answer is likely a resounding ‘yes.’ Ever since Robbie Gould left town — which he admitted was necessary to rejuvenate his career — the team has been searching for an adequate replacement.

Obviously, they haven’t come close. From Connor Barth to Roberto Aguayo, to Cairo Santos, to the kicker who shall not be named who cost the team a playoff win, it has been a comedy of errors in the kicking game.

Ryan Pace has apparently taken a shotgun approach to solving the problem. They promised an open competition, and an open competition they are working towards. They have already signed Redford Jones, and more recently signed Chris Blewitt.

However, an opportunity — once thought to be an impossibility — has reemerged. Of course, I’m referring to Robbie Gould returning home and solving the kicker issue once and for all. “But wait, the San Francisco 49ers franchise tagged him” you may be saying. While that is true, there is a report today that suggests he could very well become available soon.

Matt Maiocco of NBCSports Bay Area reported that with the 49ers being unable to negotiate a long-term deal with Gould, they are showing interest in Stephen Gostkowski. If they were to sign Gostokowski, they would lift the franchise tag and allow Gould to become a free agent.

Ironically, the Bears recently restructured some deals to create more cap space. At the time, fans thought it would be used to make a run at a free agent like Justin Houston. However, perhaps it was being created for a ‘rainy day’ fund to be used in an event just like this one — when the solution to the only weakness of a Super Bowl contending team becomes available.

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Some may question whether a kicker is worth the kind of money that Gould will likely command. To those folks, I would ask this: how much would you have been willing to pay Robbie Gould to attempt that kick against the Philadelphia Eagles?