Chicago Bears: Potential Adrian Amos replacements

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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As NFL Free Agency gets closer, there is one main starter on the Chicago Bears that the team might not be able to retain. If the Bears cannot come to terms with Adrian Amos, then which safeties would make viable replacements?

There’s no doubting the Chicago Bears are at a crossroads with Adrian Amos. One of the first draft picks in the Ryan Pace era, Amos is one of the players that has been on the Bears Defense since Pace began rebuilding the unit in 2015.

However, this offseason, the Bears are going to be in an interesting position with Amos. He could, in fact, become one of the first key players in the Ryan Pace era to depart via free agency. The sole reason? The Bears may not be able to pay Amos the money he wants.

It’s difficult to see what both sides want right now. In a perfect world, the goal is to bring back Amos at a reasonable price, however, the Bears seem like they have other plans. Ryan Pace and co. just don’t seem to be on the same page with Amos and his agent.

There are multiple rumors flying around about Amos and the Bears right now, meaning it’s hard who to trust anyone when Amos’ name comes up in any conversation. There are rumors flying around saying that he’s interested in getting nearly ten million dollars a year.

Then there are rumors indicating that Amos is reportedly unhappy with the Bears and is getting set to leave in free agency. While both of these rumors could be true they could also be false. In other words, there’s no knowing what’s going to happen with Adrian Amos and the Bears. The two could be headed towards a major reunion or a not-so-nice divorce.

Regardless of what happens, the Bears must have a backup plan. This means that if Amos does depart, they need to be willing to find his replacement. It seems unlikely that the Bears do this in the draft, considering they’ll need to spend their five draft picks elsewhere.

With safety being one of the most devalued positions in the NFL, the free agent market is where the Bears could replace Amos. Some of these may seem out of reach, but the Bears have everything it takes to land of them. With that in mind, what are some potential replacements for Adrian Amos?